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Fallow deer



This type of deer is believed to have come close to extinction during the last ice age. Only a handful managed to survive this rough period, due to which the individuals of this species are very closely related to each other. In addition, the fallow deer has a number of other special features.

Let's start with its antlers. The vast majority of the world's deer species have branched antlers. One exception is the fallow deer, whose headdress is the shape of a shovel. This particular shape of trophy may weigh over 10 pounds in case of a superior buck.

Another feature is that although they are of the same species, individuals may vary in color: they can be reddish brown, quite dark, black or even white (which does not mean they are albino!).

Fallow deer reach a body weight of 110-175 pounds, so they are considerably smaller than red deer. In contrast, they are more aggressive and fiercer than their relatives with the greater body weight.

In addition, their mating behavior is also different from that of the red deer: while the red deer stag follows and herds his hinds roaring to protect them from the other stags, the fallow bucks, following their fights, scrape out their rutting pits next to each other, where they wait for the females. The does visit the innermost pits in the meadow, because the bucks that were the most successful in the fights lie there.

In the breeding season the fallow deer make a unique sound, hunters say it is their rutting cry. As there are usually a larger number of fallow deer present in one area, this special, gurgling sound of the throat reverberates throughout the whole forest.

The fallow deer population in our country is of excellent quality: the majority of the world’s top trophies come from Hungary. Share the pride of the hunters who can say they own a Hungarian fallow buck trophy! Hunt with us and we will help you have this experience!


CIC Trophy Measurement System Scores

CIC Score
Medal Weight of Trophy
180-   CIC gold from approx.  4,0 kg-tól (8.8 pound)
170-179,9 CIC silver from approx. 3,8 kg (8.4 pound)
160-169,9 CIC bronze from approx. 3,3 kg (7.3 pound)


Hunting Seasons

Gender / Age Class Hunting Season
fallow buck 1 October – last day of February
fallow buck, matured 1 October - 30 November
doe, yearling doe 1 October - 31 January
calf 1 October – last day of February


Places in the World and the Hungarian League Table

Place in the Hungarian League Table Place in the World League Table Year of Harvest Weight of Trophy CIC Score
1st 1st 2002 5,00 kg (11 pound) 237,63
2nd 2nd 1991 5,80 (12.8 pound) 233,11
3rd 6th 2009 4,76 (10.5 pound) 224,01
4th 7th 2001 4,95 (10.9 pound) 223,19
5th 8th 1972 4,44 (9.8 pound) 220,31
6th 9th 2004 4,40 (9.7 pound) 220,21