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Rules of Weapon Handling


  • Before its use, the hunting weapon must be checked to make sure that it is not loaded, there is no alien material in the barrel and –if it has an exterior cock- the cock is not pulled back.
  • During the hunt, the loaded hunting weapon may only be carried in a secured position (SAFE) on the shoulder with the muzzle upwards or in the hand.
  • The hunting weapon must always be handled in a way that it will not cause any bodily harm or any damage to property even if it is accidentally fired.
  • The hunting weapon may only be made „ready-to-fire” and the trigger of the rifle may only be accelerated right before the shot is fired.
  • If the shot is not fired, the hunting firearm has to be made safe without delay and the accelerator of a hunting rifle must be relaxed as well.
  • It is forbidden to follow the game with the gun pointed at it when it has broken through the chasers’ line or is running through the line of hunters.
  • It is forbidden to leave a hunting firearm unattended.