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About us


Or, indeed, about you, Dear Visitor!

We could tell you all about how many partners we are in contact with, how big trophies our Guests have gotten hold of or how many game animals they have shot. But for you it is more important to know that we organize and broker hunts throughout Hungary and deal with everything that makes this pastime more convenient and more fun for you.

You have probably visited our website because you want to experience the intoxicating sensation for which you, driven by a primal instinct, pick up a rifle and go into the woods again and again: the hunting success.

It's dawn. You awaken to a sharp ring of the clock, your mind is hazy, but this time your bed does not pull you back. It's no ordinary weekday you’ve been through a thousand times but a holiday! You’re going on a hunt! Your backpack is all packed and waiting for you by the door; you get in your boots and put on your hat. You get outside and the cool dawn air breezes against your face. You take a deep breath, adjust your gun strap on your shoulder, and set off. It is up to you if you wish to observe the roaring of a bull in order to stalk it, or set out firmly to follow the tracks of an old wild boar returning from its mud wallow, or seek out a strong buck at the edge of the pastures by the woods in the first light of the morning. But if you share your dream with us, we will do everything to make it become true. It will be an experience that you will reminiscence about for the rest of your life with a smile on your face while admiring the trophy.

There are two things you should know, dear Fellow Hunter: Hungary has a stock of game that is outstanding in the world both in terms of quality and quantity. Countless world record trophies prove that the environmental characteristics of the Carpathian Basin and the genetics of the game stock living here produce outstanding results. In addition, and exactly for the above reasons, we are also passionate hunters. We know how restless you are when it comes to hunting, and how intoxicating it is when a hunting dream comes true.

Please contact us for a personalized offer and we will help to make it happen and somewhere in Hungary the rising sun will find you kneeling by the game you have always desired.


The Nimrod Hunting Team