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Roe deer


The Roe (Capreolus capreolus) is the smallest large game of Hungary. It is, however, of great importance, since five of the world top 10 trophies were harvested in Hungary! This proves that the Carpathian Basin is an excellent environment for this game animal in terms of genetic and environmental conditions.

Full-grown roes weigh 55-65 pounds and live both in lowland and hilly habitats. They are characterized by a territorial behavior, which means that during the rutting period the bucks maintain their own area acquired through fierce battles. The stronger and more aggressive the buck, the better the quality of the area.

You can witness an interesting courtship ritual during mating: the buck chases the doe around and around on a clear meadow. The trampled grass they leave behind in the area is called “the witch’s ring” in the traditional hunting language.

The buck is a very jealous type, so during the mating season it is often hunted with a whistle. This is the most exciting way of hunting for a roe deer: luring the buck closer by imitating the sound of a doe or fawn is a real hunting experience.

The weight of a roe’s headdress, due also to the smaller size of the animal itself, falls behind that of the antlers of the red deer or the fallow deer; but a trophy above 17.64 oz. certainly deserves special attention. For many, however, there is an interesting feature of roe trophies: the antlers are often peculiarly shaped, abnormal. Its irregular shape endows the trophy with absolutely uniqueness, which makes this game animal particularly desirable for many hunters to hunt.


CIC Trophy Measurement System Scores

CIC Score
Medal Weight of Trophy
130- CIC gold from approx. 480 g (16.9 pound)
115-129,9 CIC silver approx. 420 g (14.8 pound)
105-114,9 CIC bronze approx. 380 g (13.4 pound)


Hunting Seasons

Ivar / korosztály Hunting Season
buck 15 April – 30 September
doe, fawn/kid 1 October – last day of February


Places in the World and Hungarian League Table

Place in the Hungarian League Table Place in the World League Table Year of Harvest Weight of Trophy
CIC Score
1st 2nd 1978 770,0 g (27.16 pound) 231,53
2nd 3rd 1993 769,0 g (27.13 pound) 230,75
3rd 4th 1965 766,5 g (27.04 pound) 228,68
4th 6th 2004 810,0 g (28.57 pound) 214,65
5th 8th 1988 750,7 g (26.48 pound) 212,64