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General Rules of Hunting


A hunter may only fire a shot with his/her hunting weapon if he/she has without any doubt recognized the game that he/she has been given permission to take and has made sure that he/she will not cause any bodily harm to anyone nor endanger their possessions with the shot!


1. Hunting weapons, ammunition and devices

You can only hunt with a licensed hunting weapon with legally approved muzzle energy and cartridges of approved size and type!

Semiautomatic (self-loading) and automatic pellet guns can only be loaded with three pellets.


Red deer                                                              min. 2500 Joule rifle

Fallow deer                                                         min. 2500 Joule rifle

Mouflon                                                               min. 2500 Joule rifle

Wild boar                                                            min. 2500 Joule rifle or shotgun (slug)

Roe deer                                                              min. 1000 Joule rifle

Hare                                                                    3,0 - 3,5 mm shotgun

Pheasant                                                             3,0 - 3,5 mm shotgun

Mallard                                                               3,0 - 3,5 mm shotgun

Wild geese                                                          3,5 - 4,0 mm shotgun

Wood pigeon, Eurasian collared dove         2,1 - 2,5 mm shotgun


2. The following hunting weapons/devices are not allowed

  • automatic and self-loading (semi-automatic) bullet rifles,
  • firearm silencer,
  • electronic optical devices designed to aid game observation at night,
  • electronic acoustic devices that mislead the game,
  • artificial odor that mislead the game or live bait animals,
  • arrows with an explosive or poisoned head,
  • arbalests.